Standard Excellence

Welcome to Proterra. We specialize in cleaning above ground storage tanks, vessels, bullets and towers for oil and gas companies across Canada. We complete the toughest, dirtiest jobs in the country using custom-built equipment and highly skilled workers. Our top-quality service is safe, reliable and environmentally responsible.


Tank Cleaning

With safety and the environment in mind, we clean above ground storage tanks, vessels and bullets using non entry equipment such as manway cannons, tank sweeps, gama jets and circulation. We also offer customized all-inclusive service packages for confined space entry cleaning and repairs.

De-gassing and Odour Control

De-gassing ensures safe and early entry, while odour control eliminates hazards from vapour-borne substances.

Environmental preservation and containment

We are committed to protecting the environment by safely containing all hazardous material.

Specialized equipment and qualified workers

Our equipment is custom built to handle any cleaning or de-gassing job. We also provide qualified workers and experienced supervisors with full dress protocols for benzenes and NORMs.

Procedures, SWPs and codes of practice

Our quality, comprehensive procedures meet the highest standards in the world, and our code of practices are always up to date.

REACT Process

Proterra implemented our REACT (Reduced Entry Analysis of Cleaning Technology) process to inform owners of all available options regarding their project. Our process outlines each available methodology including the benefits and limitations to each system. Our clients are encouraged to provide us with their company’s values along with pertinent information to factor into our process. Proterra’s management team, in conjunction with our client, determine the most efficient system(s) for each project and will have contingency’s in place as a fail-safe due to the nature of confined space cleaning. Multiple systems may be required for each project as one system may not work for every application. Our engineering team has developed the following specialized equipment which is factored into our REACT process.

  • Pressure Washing Trailers
  • Breathing Air Cascade Trailers
  • Media Cannons
  • Circulation Sweeps
  • Drop Leg & Stinging Nozzles
  • Orbital Jets
  • Track Cleaning Units

Standard Excellence

We recognize that no cleaning project is the same in scope, size, and cleaning requirements. Therefore, we treat each confined space individually by customizing our services and providing cost efficient options based on client needs. Our process provides detailed analysis of each project which determines the best solutions based on cost, scope, and schedule. Our Project Managers create a customized work plan along with a work breakdown structure which identifies task specific costs and schedule. All cost tracking metrics are developed using PMI methodology. Our team provides weekly reports which included all the metrics listed above along with KPI’s established by our clientele. Product tracking reports and disposal summary reports are a couple of the KPI’s typically set forth by our clientele. 

Environmental Preservation

Fugitive Emissions Control

Proterra understands the hazards and environmental impact associated with ventilating confined spaces. Our team develops a ventilation plan for each project that allows us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Our cleaning strategy will factor in the use of purging and inerting techniques, scrubbing equipment and chemical encapsulants to remove hazardous contaminants from the atmosphere. Proterra strives to remain environmentally cognisant as our work activities generates fugitive emissions due to the nature of our industry.

Product Recovery and Wastewater Recycling 

Industrial cleaning requires the use of a media to remove the residual commodity from a confined space. This practice creates excess waste which is typically sent to an approved waste disposal facility. Proterra has identified this inefficiency in the market and have implemented the use of separation systems to reduce our environmental footprint. Some of the systems we utilize are filter pots, oil water separators, centrifuges, and hydro cyclones. Our pumping equipment is capable of handling abrasive compounds with high concentrations of total suspended solids. By using separation techniques, we can recycle our wastewater or cutter stock and recover valuable oil content which is returned to the client for further processing or sales.

About Us

About Us

Proterra Energy Solutions Inc specialize in the cleaning of above ground storage tanks, railcars, vessels, and bullets for various companies in the Oil & Gas Industry throughout Canada. At Proterra, we take seriously our commitment to providing high quality - highly efficient, client focused cleaning services; completed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Our Standard Excellence program provides project cost and schedule tracking. We pride ourselves on open and honest communication for the duration of the project.

At Proterra, our extensive management experience, state of the art equipment and highly skilled work force allows us to perform any tank and confined space cleaning job across Canada. By providing our clients with a ‘Full, All Inclusive’ service, we take all the worry out of confined space cleaning. Our REACT process identifies all the potential techniques to perform the cleaning task and identifies the most effective methodology. We pride ourselves on completing projects on time and on budget. Our management takes the time to work with our clients to understand fully their needs and the full scope of the proposed cleaning work; including all the products involved and the locations of the work which allows us to accurately provide estimations for the proposed work.

The safety of all stakeholders involved in the cleaning process is the primary focus of Proterra. Everyone involved in the process from management to staff to our clientele must consistently engage with each other during all phases of the work. Open communication from the beginning, during and at the close of a job, helps us to ensure that performing the job safely is something everyone takes seriously. 

Our parent company Prolium Industries Ltd. performs storage tank repairs and modifications. Our companies are amalgamated and work together on many projects. Together we are able to look after our client’s complete outage and utilize shared resources between the two companies. Our synergy sets us apart from our competition and allows us to retain the highest quality workforce as our employees can transfer between cleaning and repair activities.

Case Studies

We’re experts at cleaning all types of confined spaces; from railcars, vessels and towers to 210’ sour crude and solid asphalt tanks. To highlight our range of expertise, here a few diverse projects we have successfully completed.

Internal Engineering

Internal Engineering

Effective industrial confined space cleaning requires specialized processes derived through years of experience and knowledge. Proterra has recognized the nature of this industry and has employed our inhouse engineering team to develop solutions for each task we perform. Equipment is designed by our operations team and fabricated in our field shops. By developing equipment internally, we are able to offer reduce costs and project specific equipment to our clientele. 

We also offer product profiling and sampling, ventilation plans, floating roof cribbing plans and supplementary services upon the request of our clients. Please inquire for additional services offered. 


At Proterra, we take a proactive approach to performing every project in a safe and effective manner. We are fully committed to providing the best Health, Safety and Environmental program’s available today. We have a strong belief that every incident is preventable and that every near miss that is reported, has the potential to prevent an incident in the future. This belief allows us to continually grow our safety culture and identify all hazards associated with our industry. Our safety culture has been derived from working with the most stringent and engaging safety programs in the industry.

Our extensive training program ensures all employees and subcontractors comply with our company’s safety policies, rules, and procedures. The health and safety of all personnel, protection of the environment, and the prevention of accidents/injuries are of paramount importance to the operation of our company.

Our principal goals are for zero accidents and incidents in the workplace and the protection of the environment we live in. We are confident that through continuous health, safety, and environmental efforts, we can together accomplish this.

Avetta ComplyWorks Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition ISN ISN